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Shingles for San Antonio Roofs

For the best roof shingles in San Antonio, we've written a brief FAQ on asphalt shingles that will help you and the rest of our clients fully understand their best options.

What are the benefits of choosing asphalt shingles?

The benefits of asphalt shingles are numerous! They are a great choice for San Antonio roofs and are one of the best roof shingles because they exhibit safety,
versatility, and a wide variety of designs:

Asphalt shingles can achieve the highest fire rating (Class A) possible with the addition of a fiberglass mat.
Asphalt shingle roofing offers a large degree of soundproofing when compared to other materials
Asphalt roofing shingles are manufactured to meet stringent impact-resistant Class 4 impact codes and can also be rated for ASTM D7158 Class H and Class F wind
ratings, which include 110mph to 130mph.
Asphalt shingles provide excellent cost-effectiveness and are suitable for a wide variety of roofs.
Asphalt shingles are surprisingly customizable, incredibly versatile, and offer a wide array of stunning color palettes.

How long do asphalt roofs last?

While asphalt shingles sold in previous decades did not last very long, today's premium asphalt shingles have a general lifespan of about 30 years. Obviously,this will
depend on the amount of extreme weather your roof is hit by, but 30 years is a good rule of thumb (pending something catastrophic).

How long can you expect a shingle roof to last in San Antonio?

This depends on how hard your roof is hit by inclement weather. It also depends on how old your roof is when it gets hit by a strong storm. For example, 30% to 50% of
roofs require reroofing if they are hit by a storm over 120mph. This dramatically reduces the statewide average, which is about 12 years for 3-tab asphalt shingles and
15-20 years for better-quality and more-expensive architectural shingles.

When should an asphalt roof be replaced?

Check your attic. If you are seeing beams of light come through the roof (very bad) or stains and streaks (not as bad), it may be time for a new roof. Or at least a roof
Check the home repair records. Hopefully, the previous owners know when the roof was replaced if you do not. If it's been over 15 years, make sure to get an expert out
Check the shingles. It's not too hard to do. If your shingles are cracked, damaged, or buckling, you'll need to repair this, as broken shingles can lead to leaks, mold,
and structural damage.
If your roof is sagging, your roof is rotting.
Is your roof a breeding ground for moss?
3-tab asphalt shingles are a great choice for San Antonio Roofs because they are cost-effective, they provide adequate protection, and they are very customizable.
However, 3-tab asphalt shingles have been on a slight decline in the market due to architectural shingles.

What Are The Best Shingles for San Antonio Roofs

The answer to this question comes down to your preference and your budget. Nearly 75% of all roofs in San Antonio are made out of asphalt due to their durability, style,
and cost-effectiveness. If money is not a huge concern of yours, slate roofing and dimensional roofing are fantastic choices. Metal roofing also boasts a large degree of
durability and wind-resistance, but many homeowners prefer a classic-looking roof. Wood shake offers more protection than wooden shingles, but they are also prohibited
in many communities due to fire hazards. Always remember to check your local building permits to make sure your roofing plans are good to go!

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Shingle Roof Repairs & Services

Extreme weather, including tornadoes, hail, wind, hurricanes, downed trees, even seasonal freeze and thaw cycles on your shingle roofing can damage
your roof and lead to leaks. Statewide Roof Restoraion specializes in roof insurance claims.

Commercial Shingle Roofing San Antonio

Regular maintenance is the roofs best insurance against roof leaks that can cause costly wood rot,
dangerous mold and water damage to interior surfaces. Professional maintenance also will extend the life of your roofs
by fixing small defects before they lead to big problems.
Statewide Roof Restoration, LLC can fix flashing, kill algae, patch holes and secure loose shingles.

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